Mr. Kelly’s class continues work on their “Sumerian House Hunter” real estate ads.

“This is Not my Hat” storybook inspired Mr. Chad’s Innogeneering kiddos to think about fish hats and their uses. Protection, shade, and decorations galore. They decided warm hats wouldn’t work with cold blooded animals

Ms. Monica’s friends had a great day using their senses to discover things in our garden. After we collected our nature pieces, we sorted them in a way that we liked. The children led the sorting activity and they did a wonderful job. Thank you Ms. Ruth!

*NEW Information

Student Led Conference Sign Ups

If you have not yet had a chance to sign up for student led conferences, please do so today.

If your child is in Young 5s – 4th grade Classic or part of the Las Huellas Program, please use this link to sign up for conferences:

If your child is part of the Classic Middle School Program, please use this link to sign up for conferences:

Hot Lunch Menu – October

*Old Info – In Case You Missed It

Devos Info…

Each morning a group of parents leads Devotions at Innocademy. If your child would like to participate, please make sure that they arrive to school right at 8:20. Devos parent volunteers will walk students inside as a whole group, lead them up the stairwell next to the elevator and guide them to the Devos space in our Learning To Be Fit upstairs space. Students arriving after 8:20am will need to participate on a different day.

Safety Drills

As most of you know, our school, like every public school in Michigan is required to perform a certain number of each type of drill every year; fire, tornado and shelter in place. We are not allowed to publicize the dates/times of these drills – even our staff is unaware. This is intentional so that we can make emergency actions just another routine for staff and students.

Please rest assured that prior to performing the first of these drills – and throughout the year, teachers talk with their students about why we are doing the drills, how we can perform them safely and if we need to make any necessary adjustments after we’ve completed them. Deputy Jon from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department is frequently on hand to help normalize and make drills routine.

Obviously, the conversations at each grade level will vary a little bit (for our youngest friends, for a shelter in place drill, we may talk about a stray dog that is loose in the neighborhood that may be outside the building), but please rest assured that no matter the grade level, our teachers work very hard to lovingly and calmly reassure students that this is just another time we practice a routine.

Should we notice that your child seems to be anxious about a routine drill, teachers will absolutely work to reassure your student and also make contact with you. If you are talking with your child and he or she seems especially anxious about a practice drill, please let his/her teacher know so that we can make sure to follow up with them.


PLEASE do not park in the parking spaces next to the building unless you have a handicapped sticker/pass. We have families who are in that situation and need to utilize those spots. Thank you.

Birthday Treats

Just a reminder that there has been a change in Birthday Treat requests for this year. Please take a peek at the information below from our Family Resource Guide:

Innocademy requests a food-free birthday treat to ensure the health and safety of all of our students. If you are planning to send a birthday item with your child (bubbles, pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.), 25 is a safe number to plan for. If a food item comes into the classroom for a birthday celebration, it will be sent back home with the student. This is a significant change for the ‘19-’20 school year and we appreciate your partnership.

Before School Reminders

8:20 -Supervised morning recess and Devos begin (Parent-led Devotions meet during the months of Sept-May)

8:25 – Last opportunity for any students attending Devos to head inside

8:35 – Morning recess students line up outside for the Pledge of Allegiance

8:40 – Student enter the building

8:45 – Class begins  (students arriving after 8:45 will be marked tardy. Please sign them in at the front desk.)

For the safety of our students, please remember that morning recess and optional devotions do not begin until 8:20 each morning. Because there is no outdoor recess coverage by Innocademy staff until that time, it is important that students do not arrive before 8:20 and remain under the supervision of a parent/guardian.  Thanks so much for your cooperation and concern for student safety. 

After School Enrichment Sign Up

Please see, below, for the sign up for this session of After School Enrichment:

Christmas ExtravaGANZA

Many, many more details to come, but please mark your calendars for this exciting event!

What: Christmas ExtravaGANZA 

When: Thursday, December 12th

Where: Community Reformed Church in Zeeland

Time: 7pm – 8pm; Students should meet teachers at 6:45pm

Family Resource Guide 19-20

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know – and MORE – about daily life at Innocademy!

19-20 School Calendar