Facility Usage Application Form

Please be sure to fill in all required fields in the below link. When the submit button is clicked at the bottom of the form you will receive a confirmation message on this page that the form was submitted as well as a confirmation email. We are blessed with wonderful facilities, and we are happy to share them with the community when they are available. If you’d like to use one of our school facilities, please complete the Use Request at the link below. The contact person listed on the application will be the one who fulfills the terms of this agreement and will be referred to through the agreement as the “rental representative.” Applications should be made at least 7 days in advance of use. You may cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance without penalty.  There is a $25 scheduling/processing fee for all applications.  Innovative Educational Services reserves the right to exclude uses not suitable to our mission or goals. Rental Agreement and Rate Sheet link to PDF attached.

Emergency Drill Log

Safety at our schools is always a top priority!  As a result, in accordance with School Safety Legislation – Public Act 12,  we conduct regular safety drills including:

  • Fire Drills – A minimum of 5 fire drills are required each school year. Three (3) of the drills need to be held before December 1 and two (2) during the remainder of the school year.
  • Tornado/Severe Weather Drills – A minimum of two (2) tornado safety drills are required for each school year with one (1) conducted during March.
  • Lockdown Drills – A minimum of three (3) drills in which occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the building is secure. One (1) of these drills needs to be conducted prior to December 1 and one (1) conducted after January 1. At least one (1) drill needs to be scheduled during lunch, recess or at another time when a significant number of the students are gathered not in a classroom.