Spanish Immersion

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”

– Chinese Proverb

What is Immersion?

In Immersion Education, students learn the district’s core curriculum through a second language. Students are “immersed” into the language and study the same content as other students, but while doing so, naturally learn to read, write, and speak in the target language. The second language is the means of content instruction, not just a subject of instruction.

Why Immersion?

The world’s population is currently more bilingual than monolingual – and continuously growing in that direction. With the high demand of an increasingly global economy, it’s in the student’s best interest to become fluent in new languages and familiar with diverse cultures. We, as Immersion educators, believe that we are preparing our students to do just that.

Studies show that learning another language has many cognitive benefits that have positive lasting effects on brain development.

Resources for current Las huellas families:

Many of our families (both Spanish-speaking and not) are always looking for ways to support their child’s language learning at home! Check out this list of resources filled with fun songs, videos, and even online books to keep your kiddos learning and having fun in their second language!