Jeremias is a fourth grader in Innocademy’s Las Huellas Spanish Immersion program. He transferred to Innocademy in second grade and immediately noticed how different it was from his previous school. He especially enjoys the numerous outdoor classes and nature-based activities.

Jeremias appreciates that his teachers are kind and patient with him, even when he struggles to concentrate in class. He really enjoys math class, specifically doing fractions and the accomplishment of being the first done with his work. His favorite project this year was creating cardboard instruments. Outside of school, Jeremias loves playing basketball, soccer and the guitar.

Jeremias – 4th Grade

Join Jeremias at Innocademy! “Innocademy is my favorite school. We have great teachers and fun classes. You learn, you make friends, you can go play in the snow and go out to different parks during the school week. You’re going to make a lot of friends here, it’s a lot of fun!”