We wish you a wonderful, relaxing, restful break week!

See everyone on Monday, February 21st!



Thanks so much to all of our amazing families who donated masks these past couple of weeks – we appreciate you! Hodgkinson, Petroelje, Voss, Ross, Rhoda, Dobberstein, Lupke, Hernandez, and those I may not even know about (so very sorry!!!)

Lunch Hero Needed!

Want a change of scenery? Come be a lunch hero at Innocademy!  We are looking for 1-2 more folks to complete our team to work 3-5 days per week.  This is the best job to come to work with your kiddos! Plus serving the Inno students is so fun and rewarding!

 Hours start as early as 8:30 up to 10:00 to start, with ending times around 2:45 ish…We will do our most to work around your schedule.   Come work with Sarah and Amy, fun moms of Innocademy students, preparing healthy lunches for our students.  Great part-time job for parents, grandparents,  aunts, and uncles…Please send interest to nmichaels@hollandchristian.org with questions.  

Lost and Found

Please, please, please check out our Innocademy Parents FB Page (if you’re not part of the group, this is a great time to join =) for a plethora of pictures of our currently overflowing lost and found. We would love for folks to come on in and claim items any school day between 8:20am – 4pm. Lost and found is located right around the corner of the main staircase. =)



PLEASE, please, for the safety of all of our students, we thank you for adhering to the following drop off/pick up guidelines:

  1. Follow the “one way” directions and drop off locations on the map
  2. Please stay in your car and move through the line. Parking in the lot to retreive students from in between cars or passing cars in line is very dangerous and we’ve had some very close calls.
  3. Please do not ask your students – or ask staff – to have students to walk to McDonald’s to meet a parent for a pick up. To preserve the safety of our students they must stay with us until picked up by a parent.

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Report Card Access

You may access your child(ren)’s first-semester report cards by using THIS LINK TO INFINITE CAMPUS

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, or if this is the first time your child is receiving a report card at Innocademy, please click ON THIS LINK TO REQUEST ASSISTANCE.

Crusader Toss – Feb 26th

As you may know, Corpus Christi is our Innocademy/iCademy partner for Middle School sports. If you are interested in helping support the athletic program, please consider attending their fundraiser on February 26th.

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February Lunch Menu

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Do You Have A NEW Student for ’22/23?

All students who are currently attending school at Innocademy and are planning to attend for the 22/23 school year are all set!

If you have a NEW student from your family who will be joining us – – even if they are transitioning from Precademy to Innocademy, please go ahead and begin enrollment for them by fillling out THIS FIRST STEP IN ENROLLMENT FOR 22/23

Family Resource Guide

Please click, below, to see the 21-22 Family Resource Guide


Calendar for the 2021-2022 School Year

Please note the first day of school is kicking off with a 1/2 day on Monday, AUGUST 9TH. Students will be dismissed at 12pm.

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