Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is Spanish Immersion Available At Innocademy? answer

Yes! Las Huellas is the name of our Spanish Immersion Program. Currently, for the 2018-2019 school year we will host grades Young 5's - 6th; eventually growing to 8th grade. Las Huellas worked with Add-A-Lingua to build the program at Innocademy.
Q:I understand Innocademy operates on a balanced calendar? What does that look like? answer
Yes! Our families enjoy recess times throughout the year rather than just one long summer break. In June and August, students do not attend school on Friday. Christmas and Spring Recesses are coordinated so that they align with the calendars of the districts surrounding Innocademy. Please see attached for the 2017-2018 School Calendar.  Inno 18-19 School Calendar  
Q:Why was Innocademy started? answer
There was a group of local, but global companies who started discussing the possibilities of a non-traditional school setting in 1996. Through those discussions it was determined that a school needed to offer flexibility to families, focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills, and prepare our Innocademy students for a global economy.
Q:What does Innocademy offer my child? answer
Innocademy believes in student-directed learning with small class sizes and multi-aged grouping of students. Innocademy children will study a second language, have field experience in the work place, gain a global stewardship, character development, and a sense of community partnership while attending Innocademy.
Q:Can anyone attend Innocademy? answer
Innocademy is a public school academy and is open to any student. Each spring Innocademy will have a two week open enrollment period in which students may fill out applications for enrollment. By law, if there are more students applying for a particular grade level than seats available at that grade level, a public lottery will be held to determine admission and the waiting list.
Q:What is the teaching style/philosophy of Innocademy teachers? answer
We want our Innocademy children to develop a LOVE of learning. We strive to teach through inquiry practice, project based learning, critical thinking and problem solving opportunities.
Q:What is “Just Right Learning”? answer
“Just Right Learning” at Innocademy means that students are evaluated and plans developed to meet their specific learning needs. If, based on in class, state and national assessments, a chronological third grade student has demonstrated proficiency in third grade math and is ready for concepts in a fourth or fifth grade level math group, they are placed in that “Just Right Learning” level. This is the same for reading and writing.
Q:What exactly does “small class size” mean? answer
Class size is determined by just right learning groups. What that means is that Innocademy might have 20 chronological sixth graders enrolled at the school, but because students may be moving up or down a level to meet their individual learning needs, their "class size" for math or ELA might be slightly bigger or smaller based on that movement.
Q:What is the school schedule at Innocademy? answer
Each day students participate in core subjects such as reading, writing, math, science and social studies as well as daily Spanish. The school day begins at 9am and ends at 3:30pm each day. Innocademy is a school that operates on a balanced calendar; offering frequent breaks throughout the year instead of one large break during the summer months.
Q:Is there a tuition cost to attend the school? answer
There is no tuition at Innocademy. We do, however, strongly encourage each of our families to contribute time or resources as they are able.
Q:Are there requirements for volunteering at school? We work full time and wouldn’t be able to be at school very often. answer
Innocademy doesn’t have any requirements for parents in terms of volunteering. Students and staff LOVE volunteers and encourage involvement from all Innocademy families. They also understand that for many parents who work full time, volunteering might come in the form of helping on a committee that might meet quarterly in the evenings, taking on small home projects or, perhaps, working on an event such as our golf outing.
Q:Is Innocademy a private school? answer
No, Innocademy is a public school academy that is authorized by Lake Superior State University.
Q:What is a “charter school” or “public school academy”? answer
A charter school is a public school meeting all of the Common Core State Standards for each grade level. In this case, instead of reporting to a traditional public school district who then reports to the Michigan Department of Education, we will now report to Lake Superior State University who will report to the Michigan Department of Education.
Q:Is there transportation to and from Innocademy? answer
Currently there is no transportation offered to or from Innocademy.
Q:What curriculum does Innocademy follow? answer
Innocademy follows the Common Core State Standards and curriculum for the State of Michigan. We are allowed the flexibility to try new materials and new programs to teach the content expectations necessary in Michigan.
Q:We would love to tour Innocademy. Is that possible? answer
Absolutely! We enjoy visitors. Please contact to schedule an appointment.
Q:Is Innocademy for my family? answer
Do you and your family….
  • believe in an emphasis in the development of the whole child through small student to teacher ratios and student directed learning?
  • support the methods of teaching that Innocademy offers such as character development, global education, multi-age grouping, and a modified school calendar?
  • agree that parental involvement is crucial in a child’s education?
  • believe that in the 21st century it is imperative to cultivate knowledge of a second language starting in elementary school?
  • desire to make a difference in the world and influence students to do the same?
Q:How can I learn more about the ideas, principles and structure of day to day life at Innocademy? answer
Please take a look at our Family Resource Guide for much more information and elaboration on specific topics. Family Resource Guide 17-18
Q:What grades are available at Innocademy? answer
Innocademy offers Young 5's thru eighth grade. NEW for the fall of 2018 will be a Spanish Immersion Young 5’s program for those students desiring a two year kindergarten experience taught in Spanish.
Q:How can I incorporate some of the principles of Innocademy at my school? answer
For all questions regarding philosophy, structure and implementation, please contact Leisa Lobbezoo at