Have fun and try your best. Our teachers are always beside you to help your growth!”

Sixth grader Prasheta loves how Innocademy Zeeland makes learning fun. She gets to participate in various group activities and collaborate with other students from different grades as part of Innocademy’s multi-age learning environment

Prasheta’s favorite classes are Social Studies and Spanish, and some of her favorite projects include the Aral Sea Project and a macroinvertebrates presentation. Outside of school she enjoys playing the flute, painting and completing puzzles.

Prasheta – 6th Grade

Prasheta appreciates how Innocademy staff keep an eye on her educational progress. “All my teachers are really kind and help me understand what we are learning. I always feel that I can trust and talk to them whenever needed.” Her teachers provide recommendations and guidance for her advanced path in education and motivate her to succeed.