Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Online Learning Answers
Is online learning an option for students with IEPs, 504 plans, or other needs? Our staff would be happy to meet with families to collaborate on how to best support children with an IEP or 504 in the learning option that they chose.
Are all grades available for online learning, including Young 5’s? Online learning is available K-12. Young 5’s learners would engage in kindergarten curriculum this year with the option to participate in an in-person kindergarten experience for school year 21-22.
Just to verify Spanish immersion will only be provided via in person correct? Spanish Immersion will not be available for the online options, but if you choose to send your kiddos to school in-person Spanish Immersion will be available!
Is there a hybrid option? Innocademy is only offering a hybrid for the first week of school, Aug 31-Sept 3.
Can I choose different options for my children? ex: I have four children. I want two to learn from home for medical reasons and two I would like to have learn in-person. Yes, you can choose what is right for your family and each of your children.
If students will be provided with a “mentor” for online learning, does that mean that the child will not be a part of a class with a teacher and zoom meetings or classmates? iCademy operates with a mixture of live lessons and independent learning time. They have both teachers and mentors to support students, depending on grade level.
Innocademy Online is an asynchronous option, meaning that it will not necessarily be on the same instructional place as classroom instruction. Students will have a mentor to help them navigate the online learning.
Will there there be any daily zoom meetings for the online learning options? For both online options there will be daily teacher or mentor connections but not specifically Zoom meetings nor teacher-led lessons.
Will Classic students enrolled in Innocademy’s online option have access to Spanish/Mr. Ben? Unfortunately no, Mr. Ben will have a full teaching schedule with the in-person learners.
Will the online options still provide specials? The iCademy online option includes specials & electives opportunities. Specials for the K-5 students includes a option to participate in an on-site experience at Outdoor Discovery Center every Thursday. The Innocademy online option for specials is still being determined.
Will the Innocademy online program be run much like the remote learning last spring or is it a lot different? The Innocademy online program will operate very differently from our remote learning program. The online learning option is based on instruction being primarily delivered through online teaching modules.
Aside from Spanish Immersion, will online learning follow roughly the same curriculum as the in-person students (if our student remains an online inno student)? Aside from Spanish Immersion, online learning will teach the same standards as in-person, though it will not necessarily follow the same order/day to day instructional pattern as in person learning.
How will “just right learning” be implemented online? Online curriculum allows us the opportunity to make sure that the student has access to the grade level content that works best for them.
What are the main differences between Innocademy online and iCademy Global? Enrolling in Innocademy online reserves your child’s spot in his/her class if you are comfortable returning to in-person instruction at the semester break in January. This is currently a one semester commitment. Both options will require commitments from families to actively participate in online learning using a robust curriculum and connections with teachers.
What learning platform are used for the online options? iCademy: Pearson Connexus for Elementary (K-5) and Lincoln Learning (6-12)
Innocademy: Still being determined. University of Michigan Roadmaps (K-5) and Michigan Virtual (6-12) are possibilities.
If we choose online learning for the beginning of the year and things calm down with COVID by January, can my kids then go to school in person? With the Innocademy online option families can choose to rejoin the classroom in January 2021. iCademy enrollments are locked in for the whole ’20 – ’21 school year.
Can our child return to Spanish Immersion after learning online? Spanish Immersion students who selected the Innocademy online option for first semester, may return to in-person in January with their Las huellas class. Spanish Immersion students who selected the iCademy online option for the full year may request a proficiency test with a staff member for the 21-22 school year to ensure that returning to the Immersion classroom is a Just Right Fit.
My son will be in kindergarten this year. We were enrolled in Spanish immersion but will pick online learning for this year. Will he be able to rejoin Spanish immersion in first grade? Yes! Students are able to join our Immersion program with no prior experience in grades Y5, K and 1.
How will special education services look online? Special education services and accommodations for IEPs and 504 plans will be created to fit your child’s needs. This will be in partnership with you, your child, their teachers, and their student support team.
If a family picks Innocademy online do they have to move to in-person if school moves to Phase 5? The family would keep learning online until the end of the semester (January).
If Phases change and we go back on shutdown after in-person learning has resumed, how much notice will families receive before having to move to remote learning? Innocademy will make decisions, follow state guidelines, and communicate with families as swiftly as possible if/when this situation does arise.
If you choose the Innocademy online option and your children are doing well, can you continue in the program for the whole ’20 – ’21 school year, no matter the phase? Absolutely! If your family is finding success in the online program you may participate in it for the whole school year.
When do teachers get notified of phase changes and how the school reacts to them? Schools are made aware of the phase changes at the same time as parents. Innocademy will make decisions, follow state guidelines, and communicate with families as swiftly as possible if this type of situation does arise.
Would the teacher my child has for Innocademy online be the same teacher they would have if they attended in person? That depends on a number of things that are still being discerned. However, our Innocademy teacher still want to be connected to our families in all the ways that make sense.
Are the teachers having to teach in-person and online being compensated for the extra work? Teachers will not be asked to fill both teaching roles. In-person teachers will be different than online staff.
Can the school recommend ‘independent study’ options for students to keep up their Spanish studies on the side if we enroll in Innocademy online? Yes! Information will be made available for families who are interested.
Will we be using the standard curriculum that is used in the classroom or separate programs/easier to do online curriculum? Online learning will teach the same standards as in-person, though it will not necessarily follow the same order/day to day instructional pattern as in person learning.
Will the iCademy option still include a days where they can come on campus? No, on-campus opportunities will not be available at iCademy for at least the first semester this year.
In Person Learning Answers
Any special considerations for new Kindergarteners? We’re designing various open house options, a zoom meet and greet time, a soft start allowing for smaller less overwhelming numbers the first day, and more to accommodate students who are new to our building.
Will Aug 31 is no longer be a 1/2 day as previously published on the calendar? Should we expect any further updates to the current calendar? Aug 31 is no longer a half day. We do not plan on any other additional updates to our calendar unless the situation/phase in our region or Michigan changes.
Since Spanish immersion is not an option online, if mid year the school closes will they still continue learning Spanish during that time or no? Yes, should our entire school learning move to virtual learning we will then be able to offer Spanish Immersion due to staffing availability.
If Michigan has to go back to phases 1-3 will online instruction be limited like it was in the Spring or will it meet state standards/benchmarks for learning? Should we go back to phases 1-3, our online instruction will be designed to teach the grade level standards for all of our students.
What would be the best way for communication with a child’s teacher? We are continuing our communication preference which includes email for middle school and the Bloomz app for elementary.
Are there ways that we can support the teachers since we cannot help in the classroom? Of course! Teachers will communicate these ways if and when needs arise.
Will Innogineering be offered this year? Innogineering will not be offered as a special, as Mr. Chad is now teaching Classic 3rd grade.
How does Just Right Learning operate at Innocademy? We gather classroom data in addition to state testing in order to make sure that a student is adequately academically challenged. This may lead to the opportunity to be just right grouped to the next grade level standards. This is a conversation that happens between teacher, parents and student to see what is the best fit.
Could we get a staff email list to reach out to our child’s teacher & or special teachers to offer help? Teacher contact information will be shared through the family handbook later in August.
If we choose to homeschool this year, can we still have a spot next year? Unfortunately, we cannot hold spaces for students who homeschool. We’d welcome you back through our annual lottery system.
Will the “Hybrid Soft Opening” be only for the first week of school or the first month? Our Hybrid Soft Opening (with half the students attending each day) will happen for only the first week of school.
Is there a possibility to try for the first month or at least 3 weeks of school to see what the results of in-person education brings (in terms of Covid19)? At this time, we are planning on only the first week. We plan to use that week to help us re-examine our plan and make adjustments as appropriate.
Would students receive paper packets for remote learning days or just be expected to complete work on Seesaw or Google Classroom, and other websites for math and reading? During our first week of school, when your child is at home for 2 of those days, a digital and physical copy of learning activities will be provided. We will have an opportunity for you to request a paper packet of activities closer to our start date.
If cases rise and Michigan has to go back to phases 1-3 would learning continue to meet state standards (* teach new material) or will teachers once again be required to teach at a lower level, thus having students once again lose valuable content? Learning targets based on the grade level state standards will be more robust this coming school year in a remote setting.
Was there ever discussion of having a virtual option for Las Huellas students, and if so what happened? (Seems unfair that they’re just being forced back into in-person school). Yes, there have been several discussions around a virtual option for Spanish Immersion students but it is very difficult to provide them with quality instruction in an non-immersed environment. To further their language acquisition, we believe students need to be fully immersed in the language (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) for longer periods than what we can offer in a virtual environment. Should you and your child be interested in continuing independent language learning while attending a virtual program, our Immersion staff is preparing a collection of resources and suggestions.
Health & Safety Questions Answers
When will staff be wearing masks? Staff are required to wear masks at all times with the exception of eating.
Can face shields be worn instead of masks? The CDC states that face shields cannot replace face masks except in cases of a qualifying medical condition. Face shields can be worn in addition to face coverings.
Will kids be able to see the teacher’s faces? (smile mask or face shield) – especially important for learning language in immersion. We agree facial expressions are very important, especially at the younger grades and with speech and lanugage acquisition. Teachers are experimenting with different types of masks that work best for them.
How will the mask mandate effect kiddos in Speech? Our Speech pathologist will be conducting therapy following state guidelines that include specific methods of following safety measures while still providing quality Speech instruction.
Will students need to wear masks during recess? Students will wear masks at recess when they are outside with non-cohort students. This will likely only be the case during lunch recess.
If a parent decides to keep their child home because they are not feeling well, does the child have to have a COVID test in order to return to school? If the child is exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms then the family and school must follow county guidelines.
When will the kids participate in temperature checks? Currently, the guidance is that temperature checks are not a requirement. However, we are STRONGLY encouraging families to screen at home.
If there is a positive COVID result within a class, the entire class will quarantine for 14 days? If so, will the kiddos continue in an online format? We are still awaiting guidance on the different situtions that could lead to this situation. However, we are working to prepare lessons ahead of time and different plans for the unqiue scenarios.
How many recesses a day will elementary students have? How many of the recesses will require a mask to be worn? Will they only be able to play on certain parts of the playground? Elementary students have at least two recesses: one in the morning or afternoon (at teacher’s discretion) and lunch recess. Masks are to be worn at noncohorted time during recess (cohorts are Y5 & K, 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th). The playground has been split into eight different spaces and classes will be rotating through them with their cohort on either a daily or weekly basis.
Will the lunch recess will be all school together? Or just the 2 grade groups together? These plans are still in development, though we’re working on creating separate spaces for enjoying recess outside by cohort.
How often is “freqently” disinfecting? Per the MI Roadmap requirements, “frequently touched surfaces including light switches, doors, benches, bathrooms, must undergo cleaning at least every four hours” This will include considerations for lunch time.
Will playground equiptment be cleaned? Yes – hard surfaced will be disinfected. A more detailed plan is in development.
Do you have openings for cleaning/janitorial staff? are you in need or can you use volunteers for this or for anything indoors? We are in the process of building our custodial team, though we have no openings currently. As we are currently not allowed to have visitors in the building, per state requirements, we are not able to accept volunteer offers. Once these restrictions are lifted, however, we will welcome your help!
Once in phase 5 will parents/volunteers be allowed in the building? We are still developing these guidelines.
What precautions will be taken as far as school lunches do they make them right at school ? Holland Christian, our food service provider, is working on these guidelines.
Where will lunches be stored? School lunches will be stored in the kitchen area until they are served and home lunches will be stored in an area designated within the classroom.
Are we allowed to drop off lunch right around lunch time so that it’s warm? We will coordinate with families for dropping off food, items, etc. as we work out a safe system for this situation.
Would we be allowed to have lunch outside with our kiddo? Like perhaps in the car or on the opposite side of the lawn from other kids. At this time, we request all students eat lunch in their classroom for safety purposes and to learn lunch routines with their peers. This could potentially be an option in Phase 5 or 6.
Are we allowed to leave one empty water bottle at the school apart from bringing one from school? No, please send only one personal water bottle per student per day. It will be refilled by teachers as needed. The goal is to have less items in the classroom that would require organizing and disinfecting.
What if school moves to virtual and are unable to do that as a family, would small groups and or 1:1 be a possibility? Per the Roadmap, should we move back to Phase 1-3, our school would be closed to students.
How will conferences be conducted ? More information will be released this fall.
Will cohorts be learning together inside the classroom? Cohorts will join together for outdoor recess, just right learning, etc. yet students will do a vast majority of their classroom learning separately.
What if a child is just right grouped for a class and their just right fit is outside of their cohort? The student will wear a mask and the space will be disinfected before they enter the space and after they leave.
What will learning in the classroom look like for littles, keeping social distancing in mind? Teachers are working very hard to make sure each kiddo has their own supplies as we know hands on learning is best and safe social interaction is healthy for our kids. We have many teach to’s to do at school but also look forward to sharing with you at home so that these conversations and reminders continue throughout their day.
Since kids have to maintain social distancing, how many kids allowed in a classroom? While we may not have 6 feet between each student at all times, we are modifying our seating arrangements, activities, etc. to give students greater space and individual materials as much as possible.
Will students in Young 5’s through 4th be gathering at the rug for instruction? At select times, in smaller numbers, masked, and with more space and social distancing in mind.
How are kids going to be kept apart during pick up time? Letters of the alphabet will be placed along the length of the sidewalk, using more of the doors and sidewalk space than in the past. Siblings will be grouped together as well.
Will students be able to move about the classroom or do they have to say at their desk or table majority of the day? We know movement is important and we will be incorporating as much as we safely can.
Are elementary students required to wear masks in their classroom? For the most part, not in the classroom. If the students gather in a smaller space for a specific learning task, masks would be required. We will revisit our mask policy for elementary students after our first week of school with two criteria in mind: 1) current local health department and state requirements AND 2) assess the first week of school for ability for elementary classes to social distance with current class and room size.


Face to Face Learning

Option 1: 100% In-Person
*Families choose to send child(ren) to school for all instruction every day 

*Adopting all MI Safe Schools: Michigan’s 20-21 Return to School  Roadmap “required” guidance and manystrongly recommended” and “recommended”

*Staff to wear masks unless eating or drinking while socially distanced from others.  Mask to be cleaned each day.

*5th Grade – 8th Grade to wear masks unless eating or drinking while socially distanced from others.  Mask to be cleaned each day. 

*Y5 – 4th Grade to wear masks in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, busses).  Socially distanced in cohorts.  Masks to be cleaned each day.

*Should state/region return to Phase 1-3 or there is a county-wide decision to close, remote learning from home (similar to Spring ‘20) kicks in 

to Spring Remote Plan
from Spring Remote Plan
  • Google Classroom or Seesaw
  • Live Zoom meetings w/ teachers
  • Weekly lessons plans on our webpage
  • Specials/outdoor enrichment
  • Special education/ intervention support
  • Paper packets available for pickup
  • At least one school-provided device per family

•Learning opportunities for parents on tech & techniques
•Social/emotional lessons
•Longer instructional time expectations
•Benchmark assessments
•Waiting for guidance on attendance & grading requirements


Online Learning

Option 2: 100% Remote
*Families choose to participate in online learning every day for all coursework for an entire semester or school year 

Option 2A:

Option 2B:

  • Remain a student of Innocademy
  • Innocademy staff member available to mentor families •Parent/care provider serve as the primary learning coach
  • Special education services provided by Innocademy staff
  • Have the option to return to in-person instruction at Innocademy in Jan ‘21
  • Will not provide a Spanish Immersion experience

•Become a full time iCademy student for the entire 20-21 school year
•Classes start on Monday, August 3rd but Innocademy families would still be able to enroll.
•A spot to will be held return to Innocademy for the 21-22 school year
Will not provide a Spanish Immersion experience

Soft Start Calendar