May 20, 2022

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS PRIOR TO 8:20AM AS THERE IS NO PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION PRIOR TO THAT TIME. Thank you to all of our families who were able to attend the Innocademy Showcase this week! What a fun experience! And THANK YOU to Ms....

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May 13, 2022

THANK YOU - Again!!! Wow!!! Thanking you all last week was just not enough for all of the amazing treats, notes, baskets and kind gestures! Our teachers and staff felt so appreciated during Teacher Appreciation Week! Just a couple of the amazing collections =) Tulip...

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May 6, 2022

REMINDER: Students will be dismissed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this coming week! Enjoy the Tulip Time Festivities! THANK YOU!!! Our teachers cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing ways you spoiled all of us this week! We've felt VERY appreciated!!!!...

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April 29, 2022

MIDDLE SCHOOLERS VISIT COSTA RICA! Last week our 7th and 8th grade students had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica for an immersive learning experience! What an adventure! Sooo beautiful! BIG thanks to Ms. Jody and Mr. Kelly for planning such an amazing trip and...

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