Grace is a fourth grade student at Innocademy Zeeland. Her favorite part of Innocademy is all the field trips she gets to go on with her class. She also really enjoys hands-on projects that help her visualize difficult subjects like math, and her favorite subjects are science and social studies. “My favorite project is when we built a monster in math and I named it Meow Meow. We had to pretend to buy all the parts of the monster and the parts had to equal $149.”

Grace has loved all of her teachers at Innocademy, and each one has provided a unique and engaging style of learning. Some teachers dress up and decorate the classroom to teach about different cultures and holidays, while others help make reading fun by teaching the students to look at things through the eyes of the characters.

Grace – 4th Grade

“We get to do a lot of activities and I get to learn in different ways besides just sitting in my seat. Outdoor learning is my favorite and it’s so much fun!”

After school, Grace loves to play outside with her friends, garden with her puppy, color, draw, play soccer and make crafts.