Seventh grade Las Huellas student Arianna loves the fun and collaborative classes at Innocademy. “We do more fun activities than at other schools. We work as a group and take classes and electives with grades younger and older than us, which helps us get to know other students better.”

Arianna also enjoys Innocademy’s nature-based learning and outdoor science classes, and her Spanish Immersion language arts class. She really appreciates her teachers’ support and dedication to her learning: “My teachers explain everything to me perfectly in a way that I can understand, and they don’t rush me.” 

Arianna- 7th Grade

Outside of school, Arianna likes to play football and basketball with her brothers, roller blade, play violin, and partake in worship dance at her church.

Join Arianna at Innocademy Zeeland! “It’s really fun to learn with other students. Just be yourself because everyone is friendly and will notice you.”