September 4, 2018

Welcome Back!

Thanks For A GREAT First Session!

We are thrilled to have closed out such a fantastic first session of school! SO many great experiences and friendships renewed…or built, thus far! Fun to see teachers and students enjoying getting to know each other in their new learning spaces.
Our end in mind is always to invest early in teaching daily routines (ugh…we know…pretty monotonous =) so that we can maximize learning time together for the months ahead. We know that relationship building always works best when we all; students, teachers and parents are clear on expectations from the start.
Ms. Monica led our entire staff through a great book club adventure this summer based on what she and other teacher read and implemented, with much success, last year with their classes.  We love the simplicity and wisdom of Michael Linsin’s approach that honors and empowers children and teachers alike.  
After great discussions and much planning, we’ve laid out some common themes, expecations, language and if/thens across our entire school.  Something you may notice is that we intentionally are not using the word “consequence” with our students. We have been sharing with them sentences like “if” and “then”, understanding that every action has a reaction (kinda like science, right =). Sometimes the reaction is positive and sometimes it’s another opportunity for learning!
If your child comes home with a note, it is intended to be a way for them to share an important part of their daythat they had still had some difficulty with either 1) listening and following directions, 2) keeping hands or feet to themselves, or 3) respecting their classmates or a teacher after a friendly reminder and spending some time away from their peers.  The note is not intended to be punitive but rather communicative.  We hope they provide a teachable moment both at home and at school.  A few conversation starters that some teachers have suggested include:  “Oh, bummer.  Tell me what happened.” ” What could you do that would work better?”  “What will you do next time?”  If they can’t think of a solution/idea, ask them if they would like some ideas.   “I know someone that had that problem and they…….  Oh, and someone else I know……”  Please know we believe in fresh starts every day!
With that being said, our teaching team is always available to chat. If you are ever unclear about anything that happens at school, or would like more information about anything really, please reach out to your child’s teacher directly. We are happy to talk through any questions you might have, patterns you are noticing, and would be thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Great fun our families had sharpening their saws this break week!

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Mark Your Calendars, Please... (NEW items are in RED)

  • September 4th – School Resumes at 9am
  • September 6th – Parent Information Night – 5:30-8pm
  • October 2nd & 3rd – School Pictures
  • October 3rd – State of Michigan Count Day
  • October 12th – October 21st – Innocademy Break Week
  • October 22nd – School Resumes
  • November 19th – 25th – Innocademy Break Week – Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 26th – School Resumes
  • December 21st – 1/2 Day for Students – Dismissal is at 12:30pm
  • December 24th – January 6th – Holiday Break Weeks
  • January 7th – School Resumes
  • January 21st – Records Day for Teachers – No School For Students
  • February 7th & 8th – Teacher Professional Development – No School For Students
  • February 13th – State of Michigan Count Day
  • February 18th – 24th – Innocademy Break Week
  • February 25th – School Resumes
  • March 29th – April 7th – Spring Break Week
  • April 8th – School Resumes
  • May 8th & 9th – 1/2 Days for Tulip Time – Students Dismissed at 12:30pm
  • May 24th – June 2nd – Innocademy Break Week
  • June 3rd – School Resumes
  • June 7th, 14th, 21st – Enjoy your Fridays – No School For Students
  • June 26th – 1/2 day – Last Day of School – Students Dismissed at 12:30pm


REMINDER: Innocademy Parent Meeting This Thursday, September 6th

Please plan to join us for the Innocademy Parent Meeting on September 6th. NEW families, I believe we originally announced a meeting for tomorrow evening? The September 6th meeting is in place of that meeting. We decided it would be a great opportunity to meet with ALL of our Innocademy Families. Please see the attached chart for more details and specific time frames for grade levels.

New families, please plan to attend beginning at 5:30pm. Families that have been with us in previous years, please plan to attend at 6pm. Again, more details and timeframes may be found in the attached chart.

*SPECIAL NOTE: This is the only parent meeting where child care will not be available as all of our staff will be presenting information throughout the evening.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.10.05 PM

September Lunch Menu

Inno Homestead Sept 2018

Pizza Extra Slice Price = $1.50

Each day that pizza is on the menu, your student has the opportunity to order two slices or 1. If your child opts for the additional piece of pizza, their lunch account will be charged an additional $1.50. Questions? Please email Nancy at

After School Enrichment – Session #2

After School Enrichment runs everyday from 3:30-5:30pm. You can sign up ahead of time ($12 per day) with the link, below, or use it as an emergency drop in ($14). It’s available every day that we have full days of school; not on 1/2 days or professional development days or break weeks.

Construction Update

The latest information we have from the Department of Transportation:

On Wednesday 8/29 the intersection of Main Ave, M-121 and I-196 BL will be shut down for reconstruction for approximately 3 weeks. Traffic will detoured via 88th Ave/Fairview, Washington Ave, M-121 and North 84th Ave; posted detours will be in place. Please keep in mind there will still be no left turns allowed on I-196 BL.

A Note From Ms. Katie – Health Advisory Board

Hello parents and welcome back to school! We are starting back up the Innocademy Health Advisory Board and are currently looking for more members! If you are not already on the board and are interested in going please email your name to I will then send out the first September meeting date (still finalizing). Thanks again for considering!

Volunteers Needed For Picture Days – Can You Help?

On October 2nd and 3rd we are in need of some volunteers to keep picture day running smoothly. Super easy – no experience necessary! If you are willing and able to volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift – or both, please click on the link, below. Thanks!

Would YOU Like To Work At Our Campus?

Daycare:  We have an opening for 2-3 days per week in our staff daycare.  Responsibilities include caring for children 3 months – 4 years old including feeding, changing, playing with them inside and outside.  Hours are approximately 8:30 – 4:30 pm (Mondays till 5:30 pm)

Afterschool Enrichment:  We have an opening for a 2 day per week Afterschool Enrichment Coordinator.  Responsibilities include supervising school-aged kids in a structured after school program that includes group games/activities, outdoor play, and reading /homework time.  Hours are 3:30 – 5:45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If interested in either position, please contact Sara at

Annual Asbestos Notification

asbestos notification – Inno

Pesticide Notification

Inno Pest Management 18-19


Inno FERPA 18-19


Still Needed! Helping with JRL – the library for our students

Do you love books? Do you love kids? This opportunity might be for you! We are looking for help in our Just Right Library (JRL) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday mornings. You would need to be available to be at school between 9:00am and 11:00am on the morning you choose.

The ability to come in on a regular basis is important, but it is totally fine if you are not able to make it every once in while.

The tasks you are asked to do will be the following:

1. Checking in the JRL books that our younger and youngest friends checked out on the previous day.

2. Checking out the new books for these students (depending on the day 2 or 4 classes)

3. Putting the books that got returned back on their shelves.

4. Having fun by getting to know our younger and youngest friends.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Ms. Claudia at

Thank you for considering! We are looking forward to meeting you in the JRL library!!!

Parking Lot Safety

Friendly reminder regarding parent and student safety at end-of-the-day pickup. We’re hoping that you’ve noticed the Safeties, directing car and foot traffic, during dismissal each day.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 10.12.09 PM

When picking up your child at 3:30, you are always more than welcome to park in the lot and walk to your child on the side of the building. We are asking that if you choose to do so, that you please only cross the line of pickup cars with the assistance of our Safeties! Yes, you may need to walk a few extra steps to cross at the front of the line, but this ensures everyone’s safety, AND sets a great example for your kiddos to only cross traffic when it is safe!

Shopping Amazon? Consider AmazonSmile!

Did you know that for every purchase you make on AmazonSmile, our school receives a donation? That’s right! AmazonSmile works EXACTLY like Amazon. Same great deals and shipping! When you login, be sure to select INNOVATIVE EDUCATION SERVICES as your designated organization and we will receive a percentage of each purchase. Easy!

Calendar for 2018-2019

18-19 Innocademy School Calendar


Students may arrive each morning at 8:35am. Please do not drop students off earlier. There is no playground supervision prior to 8:35am each day. To help everyone remember the drop off time, there are signs in the drop off area of the parking lot. At 8:35am each morning, our safeties will remove these signs so that you may drop students off.

Handicapped Parking Spaces

There are spaces next to the building on each side for those who need them. Unless you have a sticker, mirror tag or license plate indicating a need to park in those spaces, please park in the spaces located in the bigger lot areas – – even if you are intending to only be there for a quick minute. Thank you!


Students will be dismissed at 3:30pm each day. Please stay in your car and travel around the parking lots according to the map, below. If you choose to physically walk and retrieve your child, please park in the designated parking spaces and walk to your child – – it is super dangerous for parents to call to their child from the other side of the parking lot and ask them to sprint through cars. For the safety of our students and drivers, we ask that you do not do that.

Please read the map, carefully, to determine on which side of the building you will drop off and pick up your student.

Innocademy Dismissal Map

Construction Update

We have been working with M-DOT regarding the current construction. They have graciously agreed to work with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department to provide help during dismissal times each day. Yay! Sounds like things will look as they do, today, for the remainder of August. In September, they will be switching things up to work on the other side. We will update you about plans for October as we get closer, but please plan extra time to arrive and depart from school until Thanksgiving Break.


If you would like your kiddos to bring a lunch to school each day – GREAT! Please know that we are a COMPLETELY NUT FREE CAMPUS. We appreciate your help making sure all of our kiddos are safe. We do have a couple of microwaves available, however, there are often long lines for these. If you do send something to microwave, items that are mostly thawed are much appreciated! 7-8 minute meals should probably be consumed at home, if possible =).
Students may place their orders for lunch with the teachers each day. Please see attached for the menu for August. You can send cash to school with your kiddos in a labeled envelope or make deposits online at . If this is your first time setting up an account for your student, you will need his/her ID number. I’m happy to look that up for you if you shoot me an email request ! All online deposits through are charged a fee.
FREE/REDUCED LUNCH – Please don’t skip this paragraph – everyone needs to read it! =)
Did you know that our school receives funding for EVERY FAMILY that fills out this confidential, online form regardless of if you qualify or not? For real! Please take a moment and fill out the application at .Who knows, you may qualify! For school district, select Holland Christian and Innocademy will be listed as a school under that district. Thanks for your help!

Middle School Athletics Available!

Corpus Christi and Innocademy Athletic Partnership
Corpus Christi has an Athletic Partnership with Innocademy. We work together to offer these sport team opportunities that we wouldn’t be able to provide on our own. All Innocademy athletes and coaches need to follow all of the eligibility guidelines and rules of GRACEAC.
Soccer Camp
Soccer camp opportunity for anyone interested in Soccer. Soccer Camp, Saturday, August 11, 9-11am at Corpus Christi School.  A special Thank You to Coach Chris and Coach Andre for running this skill filled camp!
Fall Sports practices can begin the no earlier than the second week of August.  Please get your sports physical and required forms filled out and turned in to your coach, the main office, or to the athletic director.  Forms can be printed below and are also available in the school office. Specific sports events and practice schedules will be emailed out to interested student-athletes. Practices are held at Corpus Christi at 12100 Quincy Street Holland, MI 49424. Each sport has different schedules and coaches will email you the schedules of practices and events.
Documents for Participation: Please print and complete the following documents.  Return them to Mr. Kelly who will keep them on file for the school year.

Middle School Fall Sports Sign up

If you signed up at the open house on Monday you are all set, if you did not please complete this form so we can determine if we have
enough student-athletes for specific teams.
There will be a signup genius sent out to parents of student-athletes if interested in volunteering to help with concession stands, admissions, scoreboard, or other opportunities that arise.
Corpus Christi belongs to Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council (GRACEAC).  The school athletic director attends all GRACEAC meetings. Information regarding GRACEAC and the sports schedules can be found on its website – Students in grades 5-8 are encouraged to sign up! Corpus Christi’s “no cut” policy gives all athletes an opportunity to improve their skills and contribute to their team.
Physicals/Consent Forms
Corpus Christi requires each student-athlete wishing to participate in a sport to have a sports physical on file at school prior to the first practice with any team and dated no earlier than April 15 of the prior school year.  No student-athlete will be allowed to practice until this form is on file – no exceptions.
All students are expected to put forth their academic best in all subject areas just as they are expected to put forth their athletic best in all athletic areas.  Throughout all athletic sports seasons, student-athletes are expected to be able to answer yes to the following three questions. If a student, parent/guardian, teacher, or administration fails to respond “yes” to either question – ineligibility may result.
  • Have you turned in all of your homework assignments on time and completed to the best of your ability?
  • Are you giving 100 % effort in your classes, in regards to yourstudies, homework, and tests?
  • Are you showing respect to teachers, classmates, fellow team members, etc?
The player will maintain in good academic standing in the opinion of his/her teachers as well as positive school behavior.  The player’s academic performance and behavior will be reviewed on a weekly basis. The Athletic Director will notify the parent(s) in writing if the player received a warning or ineligible rating from any one teacher.  If a player receives two or more warnings in one week or a warning from the same teacher for two consecutive weeks, the player will be ineligible to participate for that review period. If a player is ineligible twice, the player will be removed from the team.

Uniforms & Fees

Every athletic team is provided a Corpus Christi uniform.  The uniform varies depending upon the sport. At the conclusion of the sports season, it is your responsibility to return a clean uniform.  Failure to do this will result in a replacement fee. We strive to offer a quality athletic experience for your son/daughter.  The participation fee is $60.00 per student, per sport for the coming year.
Coach Guidelines
All coaches need to go through a Background Check and complete the VIRTUS training.  To register for VIRTUS training click hereIf interested in volunteering to coach please let me know so we can connect about this opportunity.
Sports Offered
Boys and Girls Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Girls Volleyball
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Cheerleading (Sideline)
Boys Baseball
Girls Soccer
Boys and Girls Track

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